Tuesday, 8 November 2011

GC, Day 8 - Counsellor review

Didn't think I'd be grateful for this - I was actually quite dreading it. But I was blessed enough to have my review with 2/3 of my interview panel - both of whom I get on with really well, trust and feel I can speak my mind to.

The synergy was amazing - lots of laughter, challenge, thoughtfulness and 'How about Question 10? Shall we start with that?'


Me: 'But you're client-centred - that shouldn't matter!' (cue *gales of laughter*)

That pretty much set the tone for an open, warm, organic conversation, which wasn't short on probing, depth or honesty. I had been worried about how I was going to say what I needed to say about my concerns, but I needn't have been - they arose naturally in the course of the discussion, without the edge, without the anger I feared would creep in.

And when I left, the bus to get me home - which only comes every 30 minutes - showed up 5 minutes after I got to the bus stop.

The whole evening was a perfect example of flow, reminding me of something else very important: Wu Wei, or doing through not doing.

What needed to be done was done; what needed saying was said - all in the most effective way possible, with the least effort, in a way that it could be most absorbed.

And I had nothing to do with making it happen.

I couldn't have forced it to happen or manipulated it to happen in a better way - anything I would have tried would have led to a poorer outcome.

So - reviewers who listen, synergy and Wu Wei via Ruach (as well as allowing room for it to happen - or breathing room, perhaps?), G-d, we give you thanks.

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