Friday, 25 November 2011

GC, Day 25 - Those who know

Very rarely, you find a friend who knows what you need before you do. You know, the friend who gives you a present or a chocolate bar at work that's exactly what you need.

Today, I received this gorgeous gift from one of those friends who knows. I'd been toying with buying a journal, so any journal would have been wonderful.

But this - this journal was perfect, though it wasn't one I would have chosen for myself. The friend who gave this to me saw me clearly enough to see what I rarely express: a deeply sensual side; the ornate; a rich explosion of colour; lush tropical flowers. Sheer indulgence. I can completely see myself as the woman with her peacock (which is what we decided it was) losing herself in the sensual joy of the moment.

This is one journal I will be writing in - because it is totally, utterly me...

...though I didn't know that until I saw it.

For those who see the gifts in us that we cannot - or dare not - see in ourselves, and place them in our hands - we give thanks.

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Anonymous said...

My maternal grandmother was like that. She knew just the right thing to say or to give at any one time, and I always used to save opening her Christmas (or Birthday) present till last, because I knew it would be perfect!

Have you ever thought of yourself as such a present? You know, the sort of present that fulfils so many unspoken wishes and needs...for you are very much that present to so many of us.