Sunday, 20 November 2011

GC, Day 20 - Baileys

Baileys, how do I love thee - let me count the ways:

1. Neat, neat, neat. NO ICE. EVER.
2. On cheap vanilla ice cream.
3. In coffee.
4. In a milkshake.
5. As part of an Orgasm.
6. In cocktails.
7. Did I say neat?

I was raised Muslim, so I never expected to drink. After the rum and Coke made by LLM, it was years before I actually tried another drink - Baileys - on the suggestion of a friend - at the Four Provinces Pub on Connecticut Ave: I was hooked after the first sip. For a while, it was all I would drink, then I tried it in cocktails, tried Midori, and moved into wine, but never quite made it to beer - unless it's strawberry.

But the love of that first sip has never faded, and it's still what I reach for when it's time to celebrate, after a tough week or month, on a night out with friends.

So raise your glass if you see God in hidden places,
He's right in front of you...

So raise your glass if you can see the hidden meaning,
it's right in front of you,
we will never be never be anything but proud to tell the story,
v'nahafoch hu

So pour the Baileys, raise your glass - and let's get out there and turn the world upside down.


Lesley Deysel said...

Baileys comes third. After Amarula and Cape Velvet.

Irim said...

HA! Ok, I will give you Amarula. But what is Cape Velvet? xx

Lesley Deysel said...

It's a very similar brandy cream liqueur that's made in the Cape (obviously!) and is so good.