Saturday, 5 November 2011

GC, Day 5 - FIRE

No serenade, no fire brigade, just pyromania --Def Leppard

As it's Guy Fawkes Night on this side of the pond, also known as Bonfire Night, I thought I'd give thanks for fire - because I love it in so many forms: in its roaring forms such as fireplace, campfire, woodsmoke, and bonfire, of course. But I also love it in its quieter forms such as candlelight, pilot light, gas stove, glowing embers, lava, thurible.

I love its dance, its glow, its beckoning.

And though I have a healthy respect for fire, I find myself fascinated by it in its more destructive forms - taken in by its hypnotic power even when I should move away.

Fire warms, cleanses, purifies, destroys dross, tempers steel, makes room for new growth - though often devastating when not channeled - as are so many things, not least our shadow.

It may wreak havoc, but it has made life possible.

And so, Prometheus - thank you. And everyone else, I've got something to say...

It's better to burn out - than fade away!

So, walk into the ring of fire - you will, without question, find devastation - but you will also find passion, warmth, creativity and a dance with life.

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