Thursday, 10 November 2011

GC, Day 10 - a night off

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE counselling, and I love my Thursday night shift. But that doesn't mean that I don't occasionally need a night off - and recently, I've been feeling pretty damn close to the end of my reserves. So much so that getting to my Thursday night shift was beginning to feel like a real chore, though I loved how I felt after the sessions. But I had resigned myself to waiting till 1 December for my planned few days away before I had a break.

Today, at 15.45, about 20 min before I'd normally leave, my phone went, but the number didn't show up before it went off. I turned it off and turned it on again, put it somewhere it had signal, when a text came through - my client had cancelled.

One shiftmate was off this week already, the other was wrapping up a final client. At worst, I'd have to go down to babysit and be out at 18.30. I made ready to go - after all, what chance was there that HIS client had cancelled too, right?

"But my intuition kept hounding me. 'Ring him. Ring him and check. She has, you know."

"Oh, come ON,' my logical side said. 'Don't be stupid. Just go. Wishful thinking."


I sighed, acknowledging defeat. So I nipped out to where I had signal and rang.

He picked it up on the fourth ring, and after the usual greetings, I asked, 'Hey, on the offchance, has your client cancelled?'

He said, 'Well, yes, yes she has. Why?'

Once I'd overcome my shock at the serendipity, 'Because mine has cancelled, so there's no point in us showing up; there's no one to see.'

His voice lit up. 'REALLY? A night off!'

I grinned. 'Yup.'

In unison, 'See you next week.'

I was somewhat surprised at how relieved I was at having to stay at work and just go home at 17.00 as usual; to be able to wrap up in my slanket and not to have to help anyone.

But for once, I didn't feel guilty. As they say on airplanes, place your mask on yourself first before attempting to help others. And this night off is my mask, which I'll be putting on and drawing deeply of the oxygen of rest.

So, to Our Lady, the Holy Spirit and the angels for orchestrating this one - a huge thank you and a big 'mwah'.

And now, it's time for me to get home to my slanket. Till tomorrow, everyone. I'm off to nestle in on this dark, autumn night of the full moon.

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