Tuesday, 15 November 2011

GC, Day 15 - Adversity

Yes, you read that right.

Today's adversity was trivial - it was simply a matter of my final case study not arriving on the day that everyone else's did, and not knowing whether I'd passed or not, even as I watched my FB wall fill up with statuses joyfully announcing folks having passed their case studies as I sat at home, seething at the postman, wondering why I hadn't put my work address on the envelope. It was the subject of THREE (HA HA HA, to quote the Count) facebook statuses, one of which went something like this:


And that simple, angst-ridden status brought on a rush of support:

L: Perhaps they are saving the best for last?

P^2: Oxford post is rubbish. FACT x

Irim: Argh!!! *freak freak freak freak* - or we just have a profoundly crap post delivery - I swear, about 1/10th of the post that should get to this house actually DOES. xx

Irim: ‎L - bless you! xx

M: I'm with L on this - it is probably so good they are really really studying it in depth

Irim: I have the best friends in the world, I really do. ♥ you guys. I'm just going through it in my head, thinking, 'GAH!' I SHOULD have had it delivered to work. xx


Irim: Thanks, hon, *HUGS*

PS: anytime hon :)

K: Rubbish post. Kxx

E: It'll be absolutely fine. You know how terribly the post is in Oxford. When I lived in London it would take at least twice as long to send something to Oxford as it did to send something to Bristol or Cambridge. I'm totally sympathetic, though, I got my dissertation back weeks after most of my friends...... They'd lost it!

Irim Sarwar ‎*HUGS*, K & E. Am feeling loads calmer now thanks to my awesome friends :-). xx

That's leaving out Ari, who was my gchat saviour, making me think logically and breathe; and Mazz, my gchat sussie, who just let me go ARRRRRRGH indefinitely.

I have the best friends in the world, I really do.

That quote just sums it up. This was the tiniest of things, yet when I showed I needed support, my friends were there in droves. And trust me, when it gets harder, that safety net gets stronger; when it gets darker, their collective light shines brighter.

I am truly blessed by them, and that is why I give thanks for adversity - because it reminds me, in spades, that I have truly found my family.


CEAD said...

Anytime, she'enedra. We are so blessed to have you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what Ari (CEAD) said. You are one of the best friends any of your friends could have. People are indeed blessed to have you too!