Saturday, 3 January 2009

Facebook status update

Sometimes, facebook status updates and the follow-up comments just need to be put here for my non-facebook friends' amusement. Enjoy.

My facebook status this morning: Irim can't believe someone is going to name their child 'Tron'. She's looking up 'mandatory sterilisation for idiots' in the Catholic catechism, to no avail.

Follow-up comments:

ER: Erm, did you see what Bristol Palin called her son?

JL: Ha, ha, ha, ha...Irim, you make me laugh. I love you!

Irim: Oh my god, no, El. Please tell me. xx

ER: Tripp.
Not only is it a stupid name, but she can't even spell it correctly.
My vicious mind is contemplating all sorts of cynical potential comments...

Irim: Honey, you start. I'll follow. Damn, I don't have any food in. Looks like takeaway - but Domino's or Indian? xx

ER: Well, I am wondering somewhat if she's giving us a hint as to the circumstances surrounding his naming- was she tripping at the time?


Irim: We are truly kindred spirits. I've pulled out the Indian menu.

LOL. I just assumed they were on a trip from Wasilla to...Anchorage? I was thinking...back seat of the car on the hard shoulder? Or in the diner car park?

BTW - thank you, just got it today. It was gorgeous :).


ER: Who doesn't love a good road tripp? ;)

You're very welcome. I saw it and thought of you.

JB: Course, their other choices were Sark, Clu, and Yori. So maybe the kid got off lightly...

Irim: Fair point, hon, fair point. I'd vote for R2D2 or C3PO myself.
My fave, though? Darth. A little darkness is good.

ER: My vote's for Chewbacca

Irim: Oooh, yes. For some reason, that name gives me a warm fuzzy feeling...


xx [Yes, the slanket addiction lives]

ER: "Ah, yes, those mad, bad and dangerous kids are Irim's twins: Chewbacca and Darth. I suppose they can be forgiven for behaving like that... y'know, given what she called them. That's why you shouldn't name your children in a drug induced haze...."

Can you imagine the parent-teacher conferences???


LOL! I was a teacher - I SO can.

Erm, Mrs. [my married name], hello.

Hello, Mrs Poinsettia, how are you?

Fine, thank you. So, Chewie and Darth.

Chewbacca. We call him Chewbacca.

Erm, yes. Yes. Chewbacca and Darth.

So, how are the boys doing?

Well, I'm glad you came in. Darth seems to, erm, keep trying to cut his classmate Luke's arm off with a torch that he claims is something he calls a 'light-sabre' and saying, "Luke, I am your father." Chewie - sorry, Chewbacca - keeps hanging out with this kid named Hans, and we're worried about his speech development. And they're both...terribly stubborn and given to pranks.

I see. And, how are they doing academically?

Well, very well, indeed. We have no complaints there.

Excellent, well, they're like this in first communion class, except Darth keeps trying to cut the priest's arm off instead...the apple doesn't fall far. Thank you very much, Mrs Poinsettia. They are very fond of you.

Thank you, ma'am.

[This blog entry will be edited as further comments come in. Watch this space.]


ER said...

Yesterday was just a bizarre day for fb statuses in general. You ended up with evil twin boys and a as yet unknown but given the children probably not entirely normal husband and I ended up jumping on my horse in the fashion of a valient knight on a noble steed(ette) to ride to the rescue of a Bishop in a tower, avoiding the satanic herd of cattle and their methane in the process.

I wish I could give you an explanation for all that.
I wish I could give me an explanation for all that!


ER said...

Oh, and the word verification it made me type in for that last comment was 'viagra'.

I'm not even joking!!!

Anonymous said...

If and when you do have children, I am assuming that you will not call any of them 'Viagra', following ER's comments... Nor can I see you using 'John Paul'...can't explain why, though...