Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dream journal, 04/01/09

As part of my New Year's resolution to read signs and patterns more clearly, here's the first big dream of 2009.

I dreamt that I'd just had a baby girl, and was bringing her to be...baptised? Named? Dedicated? The reason I hesitate is that it wasn't a proper Catholic baptism - there was no font, I couldn't see a priest, etc. I couldn't see myself and my husband, though I could hear our conversation.

What I COULD see was the baby (and she WAS gorgeous, if I do say so myself ;D) in her disposable diaper (sorry, folks) and naught else; a white background - which I later worked out was an altar covered in altar linen; and the most beautiful wrought iron candelabra with short, fat, white candles, already lit. The altar seemed to be divided into thirds:

1. On (my) the right third of the altar was a moving picture of night scenes and constellations, a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis/Australis.

2. The centre was where the candelabra was.

3. To the left was a circle with symbols around it; I think it was in red and blue. It looked similar to an astrological circle, but I don't think that's quite right. There were also objects at various intervals around the circle.

I placed the little one on the centre of the altar, behind the candelabra. It looked like the candelabra was up against her physically, and I freaked out briefly, as any good mother would, but that turned out not to be the case. She was very content there, kicking happily, and I watched the right hand side of the altar, the stars wheeling past, and one scene that looked like "Song of the Sky" from Digital Blasphemy. I wish I could remember what my husband and I were saying, but I think it was mostly inconsequential.

Then I picked her up and placed her in the circle on the left hand side and her right hand reached out for one of the objects - interestingly, a golden candlestick with a white candle in it. I must have known what it symbolised in the dream, because I turned to my husband and said with deep amusement and affection, "Looks like she [takes after your side of the family]," then gently disengaged her hand from the candlestick and picked her up.

I woke up, as I do after all big dreams, committing it to memory and musing on its meaning. As it was only 04.20, I fell asleep again and had another dream, but all I remember is having to go underground to teach, standing at a blackboard with someone else and some recalcitrant students, trying to get them to commit something essential to memory. The irony is, of course, I can't remember what it was...

Any and all thoughts welcome. Over to you.

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Anonymous said...

Here are a jumble of reactions to the dream:

Your child is a girl - so maybe that affirms your essential femininity? And you want the best for her, and are confident enough to know that you or anyone closely connected with you wants that best too (hence selecting a golden candlestick plus a 'pure' white candle). All the symbols - you want your essential self (or child) to appreciate the inner things of life too, and to reach out to them.

Teaching underground: well, that to me is far easier to analyse...what you have to say and teach is worthwhile and valid, but not everyone will see it as that (try the antipathy of certain religions towards women in authority), and so you have to go undercover to do so in a way that allows you more freedom. Unruly students - maybe people will not always appreciate what you are teaching to begin with, but may come to accept and learn from it later on.

That's my contribution. Hope it's OK!