Friday, 15 February 2008

Sex and pancakes...

Knew that would get your attention.

Really, this should have been posted 10 days ago - sorry, I've been a bit lazy.

Ten days ago would be Pancake Night, an evening spent with a fellow CSI fan, pancakes, nutella, lemon and sugar and...real Canadian maple syrup. Mmmmm.

I love going round to hers - we talk and laugh about everything from toilet humour to job applications and how we're really feeling about life at the moment.

So it was no surprise when the first thing she said when biting into a pancake smothered with Nutella was "Sex had better be like this."

"Oh, it is," I promised.

After that, we behaved ourselves impeccably. But then she said, "Ooh, this pancake is kind of dark..."

To which I responded, "I want the Paki pancake."

It was truly a global night: we had a Norweigian pancake, a South Indian one, and one from sub-Saharan Africa. And every pancake was liberally massaged with lemon & sugar, Nutella or maple syrup, with no regard for their race, nationality or creed.

A truly equal opportunity pancake night.

Now, if only there had been a couple of gorgeous men who needed rubbing down with Nutella...

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operastalker said...

Bless you Darling, I never saw this!! I should check your Blog more often...

Here's to multi-cultural pancakes... this time in a new flat...