Saturday, 16 February 2008

Dream journal, day 1

Day 1, here goes:

1. This dream was quite long, and seemed to wrap round the others in a way. The space was never defined and kept shifting, but the lighting was a bright, bright natural light. I was going through a fairly normal day, though I sensed it more than saw it. The main part of this dream was auditory: a voice that kept saying, "Remember, Irim, 'shan'" - or a word that sounded like that. In the dream, I knew it meant calm, centered, grounded - the still place in the middle of a violent storm. At the end of the dream, I was holding a little girl on my lap (I knew she was mine, but I don't have children) and was beginning to read to her when the voice came again. I responded, "I don't know if I can."

Response: "Yes, you can, or you wouldn't be asked. You have to."

I hugged the little girl closer and the dream faded.

2. I was in a HUGE building - it wasn't dark, but there weren't any lights on. It was very Middle Eastern/Muslim in architecture - the same kind of arches, airiness, openness. Pink, which wasn't *too* unfortunate, but still... Very, very high ceilings - cathedral high and then some. I knew it was a school of some kind, and I had helped bring back a child who had disappeared. In front of me were two cheques which were rewards for what I'd done and though I felt a bit uncomfortable accepting them, the first one was reasonable. The second one was a large cheque - both in amount and size, and I remember saying, "I can't accept this, it's too much."
I'm not sure who was behind me - there hadn't been anyone initially, but he answered, "It's your due. Please, take it." I went to pick it up as THAT dream faded.

3. I was in a lounge with my brother (7 years younger) - whom I haven't seen or spoken to for about 10 years - looking at a white board in shock and disbelief. The lighting was very bright - a stand up lamp or several behind me. He was sitting on a long yellow sofa. I looked at him and said, "What do they mean when they say you can't read this?"

He said, "Well, I can't. What's the problem?"

"I'm sorry, how old are you now? What grade are you in?"

"I'm 8. I'm in 3rd grade." (He looked much older than that)

"Oh, well that's different then. NO. WAIT A MINUTE. YOU WERE BORN IN 19... - YOU'RE A LOT OLDER THAN THAT."

Fade to black.

4. And the final dream. I was an observer in this one rather than a participant. From behind and above, I was watching a group of law enforcement officials (not just policemen) gathered in what looked to be a briefing room with bright flourescent lights. They were trying to catch a serial killer. (Ok, yes, we know I watch too much CSI, Criminal Minds, etc.). It was clearly an American team, so I asked where I was. I saw a map of the US, with a red dot in the NW. When I looked it up today, it turned out to be Ketchum, Idaho, near the Sun Valley - where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide. Hmm.

One of the policemen was ringing a fellow officer in another part of the state to come and join the manhunt. "Hey, the work will start tomorrow, but tonight we can go out to a bar, have a few drinks, catch up. What do you say?"

I suddenly felt really apprehensive. I wanted to say, "No," but couldn't. Suddenly, my awareness was taken to the other end of the phone call. Even though it should have been daytime, it was very dark. All I could see was the police officer's boots, which were damp and covered with hay. I could hear him say, "Mmmm. Yes, it would be good to see you." I grew more terrified as I saw freshly dug earth and looked down the hill from his car, where I knew there was a body just out of sight. As he got into his car, my awareness was pulled back to the caller, who threw his arms up and said, "He's coming over! We'll have an extra pair of hands, but first, a night of drinking!"

I went to say, "NO! It's HIM. It's one of you!" Then I woke up...

I can see a couple of patterns, but over to you first...

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Attempt no 1 at analysis: Dream One: you are embracing the child within you, accepting yourself for what you are even the 'childish' bits. You have to do this, and as you embrace the little child further this signals the acceptance of this task which you do not think you can do.
Dream 2 similar: you are going to have to thank yourself and acknowledge your role not just in accepting all of yourself, but you have to realise how hugely important this is - not just your concept of important but a higher power's concept. It could also mean that your work in helping others grow to maturity and self acceptance is bearing fruit and far more important than you even now realise.
Dream 3: not so sure here. But it seems that your brother is blocking attempts to see the light and the way forward - it is not so much that he CAN'T, more that he WON'T.

Anonymous said...

Dream 4: the most obvious thoughts that come to me here are 1 that the sensation of powerlessness and not being listened to is disturbing given that you are trying to say vital things but not being listened to. This is allied to being an observer who can only watch but not do anything. I would wonder if during this fourth dream you also felt worried, frightened or concerned, desperately wanting to do something but knowing you could not do so.
Or perhaps it is the establishment that is at fault and you are being carried along with it; even though you know what is wrong, you are powerless to do what you know to be right. Nor can you necessarily find a way of being able to do anything...

Vera Nadine said...


Seems like the theme is twofold.

One: Being unable to see in the traditional sense but then, at the same time, having the ability to sense or "see" that which others cannot.

Two: You are being placed in uncomfortable and unknown situations to test your ability to cope and to accept whatever the universe had to offer you. Will you keep your cool? Will you be as helpful to others as you can? Will you see through the lies that are told to you?

It is a call for you to focus your energies on remaining calm in even the most challenging situations and to allow yourself to begin looking at the world in a different way. Your gift is growing if you give it room to do so.

Blessings sista! And good on you for starting this dream journal.

All we have is a futon on the floor at present but we will be in Glasto for 6 months and I will email when we have a guest bed of some kind. ;)

Love from Avalon!