Friday, 15 February 2008

Did you really say that?

No commentary for this - the conversation speaks for itself:

Irim: Kiwi housemate (KH), why is there so much girl-on-girl in porn?
KH: Because guys get jealous if there's another man, so there can't be two men.
Irim: Really? Ok.
Young, squeaky clean housemate (YSCH): EWWWWW. There's girl on girl stuff? Ugh.
KH: There is porn for women out there. You could try that.
YSCH: Yeah, I've heard about that.

Irim moves to walk out of the room.

Then YSCH turns around and says:

Have you ever watched midget porn? It's really funny.

KH and I, used to her as Miss Goody Two shoes, stare at her speechless in shock, and then I started to laugh and couldn't stop...

...stay tuned. From this weekend, I'm starting a dream journal and will be posting some of them here at the blog. I'll probably note patterns and do some interpretation, but help from the blog gallery would be much appreciated.

Over and out - off to read some of John O'Donohue's "Anam cara", which I started last night.

Shabbat shalom! x

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