Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 9. 2 Images that describe your life right now and why

1. "Eventide" from Digital Blasphemy, one of my favourites. Because the night ocean under a full moon is where I feel like I am right now. Journeying on the waters of the soul with no idea of home, but trusting the light of the soul to lead whilst the psyche rows. Spirit is moving, no doubt, but where it leads, I know not. To quote George Eliot:

"I would not creep along the coast but steer out in mid-sea, by guidance of the stars."

So let the transformation come, and with it, home.


My tattoo - yet another way of taking my body back, but also a symbol of my transformation - it feels like a mark of initiation. I consider the wolf my totem (since my lioness dream, *a* totem, I guess), and the moon, a symbol of my commitment to the intuitive, the depths, the night - the divine feminine. Combined like this...they're me, as well as a symbol of my ability to take action, to commit and a deeper transformation, discussed in depth here.

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