Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 8. 3 Turn-ons.

I hadn't realised how cathartic and, well, angry yesterday's post would be. It's amazing how things just bubble up in this meme; things I didn't quite expect. It's the same with this one, which is just as intense, but in a different way.

I'm going to try NOT to repeat what I said here, but apologies if I do.

1. Know me so well. Almost nothing turns me on like this. I know the psychologically healthy thing is that I should be able to articulate my feelings at any moment and not expect a man to read my mind, blah blah blah. But there is little sexier than having a man come up and ask 'Are you ok?' or 'What's wrong?' and not take 'No' for an answer, because he knows you. Nothing like him knowing that you need a back rub, a bath drawn, a little bit of room, some pampering, because HE KNOWS YOU. Sometimes better than you know yourself.

And that goes both ways. It's up to you to get to know him so well - and do the same for him.

2. Touch me now. Not tonsil hockey. Not grabbed in a massive hug when I'm not expecting it. But the little touches. The extra squeeze when we hug that makes me stumble slightly and brings me fully against you. Unconsciously rubbing or stroking my back or arm. The touch at the small of the back that says 'Mine.' Brushing me when we pass just because. Being secretly naughty and touching me somewhere that's publicly unremarkable, but privately drives me wild.

This includes all the little established couple touches: hands, knees, hair ruffle, Eskimo kisses, all sorts of kisses (but quick if they're public), leaning up against each other, adjusting clothing, all of it. Sheer, sheer pleasure.

And let's NOT leave out sex - from tender, languorous sex to...well, perhaps not here...

3. Masculinity: Midnight Sidhe and I are unanimous on this. When I mentioned to an acquaintance that I loved it when men were protective, he smugly claimed that he knew that. "Why?" I asked. "Because man-haters like you always do."

I was torn between killing him and laughing at him. I chose to ignore it - clearly, he'll never get to #1 on this list.

I love men; I could watch them all day. From broad shoulder to narrow hip, to how they walk, to their sweet shyness when they don't know what to say when you're upset and give you something to make you feel better. When they're jealous (within normal bounds - abusive and controlling is NOT ok). When they're concentrating, lighting up, thinking...all of it. When they puff out their chest and protect you. Those glances, intense conversations, serious flirting...

...and let's not leave out their aftershaves or their 5 o'clock shadow. And that little bit of chest hair when the top button is opened - or even better, when they look down their shirt for some reason and you can see they have *the perfect amount*. I've been known to have to think, 'FOCUS, Irim, FOCUS!' for fear of losing the thread of a conversation with a male friend who had done just that. The hairline at the back of their neck. Their hands. And yes, that.

Gorgeous. Chuck in everything from Day 3, making him a man, and this Atalanta might just find herself losing her first race.

And loving it.

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Kate said...

Love it!! And can agree with every. single. word.