Monday, 31 January 2011

8 Days. Meme prologue.

I am nicking this prologue from my friend, word for word.

We recently did a meme and found the experience both intense and incredibly therapeutic; a lot of important stuff got pulled up for both of us, and we were rather sorry to see the end of it. We also felt like there were a few things we'd have liked to see included in the meme that weren't included.

So we decided to make up our own, starting today.

We liked the structural constraints of the original, but of course we didn't want to just copy it, so we used it as the point of departure instead. What we came up with is an eight-days meme with eight items per day on a single topic, but the lists are to be split in half, so that four items explore one aspect of the topic and the other four explore another. Then we tried to arrange the items in increasing order of intensity. It was very much a collaborative effort; I think we each came up with four of the eight days, and we were in complete agreement about how to order them.

The list goes like this:

1. The four funniest things you've ever heard, and the four saddest things you've ever heard
2. The four places you most want to go to, and four things you need at home
3. The four gods/superheroes you most identify with, and the four you least identify with
4. Four talents/superpowers you have, and four talents/superpowers you want
5. Four songs from you to you, and four songs from you to others
6. Four things you are grateful for, and four things you want to change about your life
7. The four most important things someone has said to you, and the four most damaging things someone has said to you
8. Four things you are terrified of, and four things you desire intensely

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