Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Write to marry day

Welcome to 'Write to Marry' day - a day where bloggers band together to speak out in favour of same-sex marriage and encourage voters to vote *NO* on California's Proposition 8.

I can't even begin to touch this post by Liss at Shakesville, so I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to tell you to go there and read it. It's the best reason ever for today.

I'm just going to be short and to the point - a rarity for me.

I was born straight. My first crush was Bob on Sesame Street, and in first grade I fancied Brendan Pelarski, soon to be overthrown by Nicky, who had the most gorgeous red hair and freckles. I was part of the mainstream, except for the fact that I didn't - and for the most part, still don't - fancy men from my ethnic/racial group. But even that has become normal over time, so I still qualify as mainstream.

Marriage, had it (or, Lady willing, when it does) come, would be legally easy for me. (Let's leave out the 'OHMIGOD, I'm caught' and all the emotional stuff that will come with it.)

But why shouldn't it be just as easy for my friend Andrew? Or my friend Van? Or any one who was born primed to love someone of the same sex just as I was born primed to love someone of the opposite sex?

You love where you love. That's all there is to it.

Marriage doesn't equal one man and one woman. Marriage is a union between hearts and souls, which are beyond gender.

THIS is marriage:

To quote Reiza, who linked to this photo, and so many others before her:

Marriage = love

California, vote NO on proposition 8. Keep the true meaning of marriage alive.


Ruth said...

Maybe we could change the Vote to 'Vote No to Pink Meringue Wedding Dresses Whatever Your Sexual Orientation'? Although, she's probably about the only woman I know who could get away with it.....

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, I shall now be e-mailing friends to have a read of your blog - especially those who are American.

On a frivolous note, I am sure that there are plenty of my friends who would absolutely LOVE to wear that pink meringue wedding dress...and that's only the gay ones for starters...

Ariel said...

Ordinarily I would agree about the pink meringue dress, but here it just adds to the faery-tale quality of the picture. They're so utterly absorbed in each other that you don't notice what gender they are - they could be het, two men, two women. It's their love that you notice most, and the way it seems to spill out of them. I love the way their bodies form a heart.

If I ever marry, I want my husband and I to look that happy.


Irim said...

I'm with you, Ari. I love the dress on her and the magickal feel it gives to the picture.

If I ever marry, I want my husband and me to look that happy.

From your keyboard to the Deity's inbox. Absolutely - and I won't consider walking up the aisle until I *know* he's the only person in the world to whom I want to say these most beautiful words of the marriage service:

With this ring, I thee wed; with my body, I thee worship; with all my worldly goods, I thee endow

And that goes for 'till death us do part' as well, of course.