Thursday, 23 October 2008



I'm watching "Silent Witness", and one of the story lines takes place in a Chasidic community. Overall, it's not too bad - we've seen a reasonable Shabbat dinner, married women wearing sheitels, the problems of not fitting in and the claustrophobia, a proper Siddur, a scene from a shiva.

They don't seem to get that the Chasidim aren't the same as 'black hatters', but fine.

'Noach' and 'Esther' pronounced correctly.

But ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH! When Nikki and Harry, the goyim, pronounce Yitzchak correctly with a 'ch' as in the German 'ach' and the supposed Chasidic parents pronounce Yitzchak with a 'ch' as in 'Charlie', it's NAILS ON A DAMNED CHALKBOARD.

And it's even worse when Ari is pronounced 'Airi' by supposed Chasidim, rather than 'Ari' with an 'A' as in 'are'. GAAAAAAAAH. HATE.

If the actors are really Jewish, unforgivable. If they're not Jewish, understandable, but still unforgivable.

It's your job to get it right.


Ariel said...

NO!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I quite agree with what you are saying. Enough already with the schmo-s who think they know what they are doing. Not.