Monday, 27 October 2008

The emotionally unavailable male - lolcat demonstration

Note, how in the first picture, he is da cat making teh move - it's HIS paw around her...

He chases and chases, and finally, she gives in. Things are marvelous: he's attentive, the sex is out of this world, life goes by in the haze of rose-coloured glasses.

Then she has a bad day, needs a little affection and comes home to this:

Unfortunately, with the emotionally unavailable man, that's all it will ever be. The instant you pull away, he'll come after you with flowers, phone calls, candlelit dinners and great sex. As soon as you try to settle down into a consistently emotionally close relationship, you'd get more warmth hugging Michelangelo's David.

I don't like to quote Nancy Reagan often - ok, ever - but this time, it's warranted. In this situation, sisters mine, take her advice and...

Just say 'no'.

Find a real man - one who isn't afraid of the day-to-day closeness and who can go the emotional distance.