Friday, 17 October 2008

Touch typing and orgasms

From my morning conversation with my jobshare partner, whose 6 month old cutie I babysat for last night:

9:35am Irim: I presume that is 'Robin is loving the Kaiser Chiefs'?

9:36am Robin: damn touch typing let me down again only works if you have your fingers on the right button - like so much in life :0

Irim: You know, there's a line about female orgasms in here somewhere...

Surely everyone saw THAT coming, especially my mah boyz? We all know me: get out of the gutter, you're standing on my snorkel.

I promise, no comments about teaching men to type or have their fingers on the right button and pressing appropriately. Or drawing men maps/diagrams.


*Sits in chair, jiggling feet, trying to catalogue books on the history of South Africa. Attempts not to burst out and just say it...*

Remind me why I'm a Catholic girl AND a librarian?

Oh right, to make sure sex gets into the conversation whenever possible, like the trickster I am...

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Ariel said...

I do love the way you think!