Monday, 18 August 2008

Ten things I learned on a grown up slumber party

1. If I get home and change into pyjamas straightaway, the world will not end. In fact, it feels wonderfully decadent.
2. If I get up on a Saturday morning and don't shower and change OUT of my pyjamas straightaway, the world will STILL not end. It still feels delightfully decadent.
3. I can live for a day very easily without knowing what people need from me.
4. Ciaran Hinds is hot, hot, hot, and the best version of 'Persuasion' was filmed the same year as the best version of 'Pride and Prejudice' - 1995.
5. You cannot compare the size of your cleavages by weighing your boobs on a kitchen scale. (No, we hadn't been drinking. Much. I only had a bit of Malibu in my Pepsi.)
6. Some of my friends cook one hell of an English breakfast.
7. I should laugh till I cry at least once a week.
8. It's ok to say, "I'd like some crisps, please," and not feel like you're putting your hostess out.
9. Half-fat sour cream and chive dip SUCKS ROCKS, even if it's from Waitrose. Eat full fat dip; drink semi-skimmed milk.
10.You may only be 8 miles from home, but a slumber party still feels like a holiday - at any age! (Even if you can only stay awake till 1am...)

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Anonymous said...

And you know you're always welcome, you're a really easy house guest - glad you liked the brekkie! Next time I'll not pretend to be eating healthy and go for taste with our dips!!! Let's arrange a date soon for our next weekend of laziness!