Friday, 29 August 2008

My personal DNA

This is my type, apparently. Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Benevolent, yes. But I would like to know what they mean when they say you are an inventor - although I do know you to be very imaginative.
I scored as a considerate thinker (Myers Briggs, eat your heart out, as I am F...!!!)

Reiza said...

When I did mine a while back, I got Advocating Idealist. That sums me up quite nicely.

Ariel said...

Is there anywhere they give you a breakdown of what other types are like, the way the Myers-Briggs website does? I agree with Anonymous - I get the benevolent, absolutely, but I'm not sure what they mean by Inventor.

Yours is much better balanced than mine; I've got some really big chunks and a lot of almost invisible ones. But yours has only twelve coloured blocks, not thirteen. Why is that? I have thirteen on mine, even though some of them are really small, and it says there are thirteen traits.

Mine comes out Generous Dreamer, but I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with it.


llwyfen said...

ha ha! same as me, same type as me! we are clearly the creme de la creme... x