Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I nipped into church on Sunday to see my friend John and have a proper chat. We managed a bit in the Social Club (now pretentiously termed the 'Parish Centre' and equally devoid of personality, to boot), but the real conversation always waits for our walks along the old railway line at Walsingham.

I WILL blog John (have been meaning to for ages) at some point, but he once again demonstrated an astute awareness of my character when we were chatting in the car on the way home:

John: ...but I know I grate on some people.

Irim: Hey, I grate on EVERYONE.

John: Yes, but for you, it's a hobby.


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Anonymous said...

Just remember: hobbies are not meant to be given up just because some people disapprove. Go on, continue to grate upon people! I dare you...as if you would resist this particular challenge...(tee hee)