Monday, 4 August 2008

It just had to be done...

I love the men in my life and men in general, really. I was touched when a male friend told me he loved how I was a feminist but didn't want a penis (except to be able to pee standing up) and was appalled when another male friend said I treated him as if I wanted to lop his balls off. That probably means I have the balance right.

My boys are delightfully male - protective, thoughtful, polite, funny and fabulous: 'Manly men', my friend Ari calls them. And they are, in the best sense of the phrase. Therefore, I know they'll find this sign as funny as I do - they'd certainly agree that a certain segment of the male population needs to have that happen to them. In fact, I can think of a man or two they'd like to see me do that to. The most dreaded words from my male friends about a guy I'm discussing with them are, "I'd like to meet him," delivered calmly and evenly.

Then I usually make sure they *don't*.

But my boys are usually right: more often than not, it's not like the guy in question WAS using it.


Ariel said...

Love men, love the sign.... and everyone needs boys like that. (I would say that every woman could use a few extra brothers now and then.)


Anonymous said...

All that might be missing from that particular sign is a dog collar...(OOPS! Did I really just say that in my out loud voice? Naughty Dobby...!!!)