Monday, 28 April 2008

PC vs Mac

I was surfing the web one morning this week before work. Then I found and had to borrow the following quote for my Facebook status:

Irim : The character of the Mac guy is smug. He is condescending. He's that uber-hipster you love to hate. If you own a Mac, you might want to slap yourself.

This prompted Greg to ask me if the characters in the infamous advert were Mitchell and Webb from the Peep Show.

I was pretty certain they were, and in googling to find my answer, I found an article that expresses my feelings on the subject of Macs.

He is so right about Mac users - any of my friends who have converted to Macdom have just become that little bit more insufferable - defending Macs without giving real reasons, with the exception of Rachel, who is still a bit OTT about her Mac love.

Fair enough, I cut my teeth on PCs and so, they were always going to be the favourite. But their slightly rumpled, thrown together look with their wonderfully reliable workhorse personality continues to endear them to me two decades on. I know I can trust them.

Macintoshes look fabulous, true. They have an easy operating system - and I will agree that the Mac O/S is far better than Bill Gates' Windows - but I find that pretty as they are, I feel restricted by Macs. They don't run the same range of software, they freeze up far more often, and if you were to ask them to run huge, long processes, they'd get up off their irritatingly plastic asses and run screaming. Style, not a whole lot of substance.

I like my computers the way I like my men - substance over style. Every time.

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