Thursday, 7 September 2006

A housemate's tribute...

Today, over my hurried lunch of Doritos and Maltesers and Pepsi (enough sugar and salt for everyone out there?), I'd like to pay tribute to my housemate Jack, who's moving out of a house full of women to move in with some mates of his. Guess he misses the male bonding (hmm, wonder what *that* consists of...)

Jack moved in at the New Year, replacing Roz (an exceedingly qewl Kiwi Goth. I STILL want a good chunk of her wardrobe, but it's in Sweden now. Damn.). A true male 'tart with a heart', he fit into the household beautifully...he's the good bad boy that a lot of women would fall all over themselves to take home - cheeky, funny, works hard(ish) and plays hard, is a bit of a lad, cooks (in fact, he was the only one who cooked properly on a regular basis, veggies and all), and is easy on the eye (nice rear view when going back to his room wrapped in a towel).
But he also listens and is protective, and doesn't have Byronic mood swings...if there's a problem, he'll tell you...and above all, he genuinely likes women. Major kudos to his mum and sisters. Sensitive new-age guys, eat your heart out.

As you can tell, I found having him around a real treat (eye candy aside, of course). Now don't get me wrong - I love working here - the guys (oops, friars) are lovely, funny and warm. Ditto with the MiB (Men in Black) at the Oratory up the road. But, well, there are just certain sides to your personality you keep under wraps when you're around clerics. I'm sure if you ask them, they'd disagree - I'm pretty darn cheeky and provocative, and I am who I am. But there's a seriously "get out of the gutter, you're standing on my snorkel" side to my personality that I tone down around them - I *love* double entendres, raunchy jokes, uncensored conversations about sex. And much as I love them, I can't exactly open a conversation with a Catholic cleric by saying, "So, I was down at Ann Summers today..." With Jack, I could do *EXACTLY* that. We'd sit on our respective sofas watching "House" or "CSI" having a completely uncensored conversation about anything and everything - from work to religion to astronomy/quantum physics (one of his outside interests) to sex. If one of us had had a bad day, we could curse a blue streak, get it out of our systems, and move on. And if he'd had a particularly bad day, I might even consider handing him my "Bravissimo" catalogue so he could flick through it (for those of you that don't know what that's about - look it up!).

And so, mate, thanks for all the laughter, listening and friendship, and all the best at your new place. Girls, form an orderly queue. Treat him well...and make sure he does the same to you.

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