Friday, 1 September 2006

Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'arets.

It may seem a bit odd that a girl who works in the library of a Dominican friary uses the Hebrew for Genesis 1:1, but in a previous life Stateside, I used to teach at a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school...oh, and I'm Catholic, but was born Muslim. Talk about an ecumenical life.

I don't know where this blog is going, but I suspect it'll have a lot of spiritual/Jungian musings as well as some rants [ok, a LOT of rants...I tend to get irimtated on a regular basis] about cataloguers who think God is a geographical location, piety for show, and politics. Hopefully a lot of laughs, too...everything from toilet humour to existentialism cracks me up.

I'm sparing y'all pictures since I am so unphotogenic, it's scary. My friends Rachel and CJ, however, are gorgeous. Look at them instead. I'll link to their blogs when I update my profile properly. I'm not saying I'm ugly - I think I'm "pretty enough for all normal purposes" (Our Town, Thornton Wilder) - it's just that pics of me suck. Rocks.

Ok, enough for now...I'd better get back to deciphering Hebrew titles - I'm a bit rusty, but hopefully cataloguing our Jewish section will help!


Ari said...

Hello, she'enedra!

You're being much too modest, of course - I have seen some fantastic pictures of you.

I'm glad you have a blog now; you can look for me to be a regular visitor. Very qool.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I have to upload some of the ones I took at Christmas...

And there are some absolute SHOCKERS of me (I even have a dodgy one of CJ...)

Anonymous said...

You are NOT, nor ever have been unphotogenic...

I always enjoy seeing you, though given a choice, I prefer the live version!!!