Thursday, 21 September 2006

Bits and bobs...

Well, I'm off to Walsingham for the weekend, leaving at 4.30 am (don't ask, really) so that we have the whole Friday there. I've just packed and can't be bothered with anything too serious, so here's some stuff to reflect on/bore you to tears/tide you over:

1. Sartorial disaster: When I got in
to work Tuesday, I nipped to the loo (don't worry, no details). As I went to unbuckle my belt, it broke in my hand. No problem, usually, except that these are stretch jeans...which means that sans belt, they can slip down over my hips - whilst zipped and buttoned. Oops. I tried to make it to lunch, but lasted an hour before dashing off to Debenhams. Went to the women's section - could I find a plain black belt? Is the Pope Jewish? Men's section - 2 seconds, and I was out of there. Why can't women's accessories be as simple and endurable? Discuss. There'll be a quiz next week.

2. At the beginning of August, Rach and I went to Headingley. As we were flopped in our beds the first night there, I went off about public displays of affection - holding hands and a peck is fine, tonsil hockey is NOT. I was trying to say "People don't need to snog and practically shag eachother in public," but I was beginning to drift into the twilight zone, so I said "People don't need to shog in public." We burst out laughing, delighted at the invention. I can see it in the OED now:

shog (v.): to kiss, embrace, caress, indulge in sexual foreplay. Usually indicating more than just kissing and less than sexual intercourse. Syn. neck, pet. Believed to be a blend of "snog" (kiss) and "shag" (to have sexual intercourse).

Gotta love it.

3. And to keep you amused for the entire weekend, go here:

Going Jesus

The "Angels we have heard on high" - angel kitsch from hell - including pictures of angels pushing children, allowing them to win their Darwin awards and...

a bit early...but we need to be prepared...

The "Cavalcade of bad nativities" - absolutely bloody brilliant. Start your Christmas cynicism early.

I'm off to bed for 5 hours or so of sleep...have a good weekend, and I'll see you at the other end of it. To all my friends who are members of the eldest Abrahamic religion, L'shana tovah, and Shabbat Shalom. May 5767 bring you much happiness and blessings.

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