Friday, 26 December 2008

I can't help...

...searching for favourite songs on Youtube on Boxing Day. Today, this one was the one I wanted to listen to over and over again.

I fell in love with this version when I first heard it. At the risk of being sacrilegious, I think it's 10x better than Elvis'. There's something about the quality of Corey Hart's voice - the tentativeness, the tenderness, as well as Corey's range - that suits this song infinitely better than Elvis' did.

The simple, unadulterated vocals give it the aching vulnerability that is the essence of the song, lost in UB40's version.

The way he sings my favourite line of the song, the question:

Shall I stay - or would it be a sin?

brings tears to my eyes. You can see him reaching for her cheek, the tips of his fingers brushing her hair.

Perfect. (Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic. But you should have known that already.)

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