Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Thoughts on blogging...

Hey look everyone, it's me! Except I'm not quite so grey (yet), and I think I have a slightly more hourglass (rather than large watermelon) silhouette...

I've put that up in case I - or anyone else (*coughPiusX&theconservativeCatholicmafiacough*) -
take myself and my blog too seriously. I blog because I love to write and it spares my friends the long emails with my thoughts on everything from religion to "Sex and the City" (coming up shortly!).

Come here if you're friend (in person or online) or family and want to catch up. Come here if you're interested in a slice of someone else's life or what someone else may be thinking. Come here for a laugh, or if you like what I have to say or if you want a good debate. Occasionally, go away with a new view of things, whether you change your mind or not.

But don't come here just to lay down your version of the law, beat up on someone else or
to assuage your insecurities by spouting the 'truth', claiming I'm leading others astray. If you think that, you seriously overestimate my influence.

Essentially, the bottom line for me is this: writing is one of my passions, and as an early child of the MSWord/WordPerfect age, I'm much better at an electronic journal. My blog is a chance for me to think out loud, to play with words, to share my life with friends and meet new and cool people (e.g., Reiza).

I'd love to have you come and play in my sandbox - but no bullies allowed.


Ariel said...

Ja, definitely more hourglass, less silver. I wish I had a tail!


Reiza said...

Ut oh. What did I miss?

And hey, thanks for calling me, "Cool." :-)

Anonymous said...

Overestimate your influence? I count on it!!!