Monday, 2 June 2008

Foot (or hoof?) in mouth disease

As I've mentioned before, having Ruth as a friend helps my natural predilection for hoof-in-mouth disease (mine are cloven, thanks, which makes me kosher), but she isn't the cause.

What you need to know for this is that I need to update my profile - I left the Dominicans last July, since the position was a 2 year contract. I've since started a similar (but permanent) job at an evangelical library (do we sense a theme?).

The evangelicals are lovely and earnest, which plays right into my tendency for dry humour and shock value.

Sometimes, I even shock myself.

As we were standing around at Gosia's & my surprise birthday party last Tuesday, my friend Christine was telling the academic dean & a senior faculty member about friends of hers who wanted to go to Gander (sp?), Australia for their honeymoon. For some reason, they didn't make this clear to the travel agent, and ended up in the other Gander - in the Arctic Circle.

(Wouldn't you check your tickets???)

Anyway, according to Christine, "They were disappointed at first, but it turned out to be even better."

Without thinking, I responded to Christine as if she were alone: "Yes, because the whole point is to keep eachother warm, isn't it?"

Shocked silence before she burst out laughing and I realised WHOM I'd said it in front of. I turned to her, "I said that out loud, didn't I? Oh crap!" Which, of course, made her laugh even harder.

I have to say, I've never seen men over 60 move so fast...


Anonymous said...

WISH I'd been there...I imagine that I'd have been crying with laughter too.

Thank goodness that the cloven hooves did not get to the mouth in time!

Ruth said...

Ah, Irim, our lives would be a poorer place without you!

And you will look super hot on Sat night. I will have my camera!

Ariel said...

God, I miss you, she'enedra.