Sunday, 6 February 2011

8 Days. Day 6.

Day Six: Four things you are grateful for, and four things you want to change about your life.

1. My friends. They are my family: brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and have given me heart-children. They have been my strength and that which has pulled me out during the darkest of times.

2. The way I think. I love being an NF, big picture, pattern person with a huge imagination. LOVE IT.

3. My passion. It may hurt like hell sometimes, but I'd rather that than flatline. It gives the world such shades of colour, Crayola and Technicolour couldn't touch it.

4. Being able to see beauty in the universe and the part of me that senses and reaches out for something larger than we are. The stars, galaxies, God, the underlying pattern to it all. I suspect it's that which drives my sense of service, which would have been #5.


1. I want to be more in touch with my sensuality. Via clothing, what I surround myself with, feeling more comfortable in me. I've become very head/emotional/spiritual.

2. How I feel about my body. I've hated it my whole life for various reasons, or seen it as a vehicle for my brain. I need to learn to love it and revel in the physical.

3. I want to be able to let go and let God - to do what I can and trust that I'll step off a cliff and be able to fly.

4. I want to be able to sing. I've loved and dreamt music since I was young, and whilst not many instruments appealed, singing always has. I want to find my voice.


CEAD said...

You've named four of my very favourite things about you.

Anonymous said...

Wanting to change things: oh my goodness, but how often I've wanted to change no 2 (my body!) and also no 3... That and a marked disability to trust people. Even as I see myself write this, I know that letting go and letting God be in charge is oh-so-frightening...not to mention that little voice that says 'but do you really want to trust people/God...? you've fallen on your face many times before...!!!' So reading what you wrote in that respect is very encouraging. Thank you.
PS As a child, I really wanted to change my name. I hated it with a vengeance...!!! As an adult, I've grown to accept it, but I'd never ever (had I married and had children) have given any child of mine my name...I wouldn't be that cruel!!!