Thursday, 12 November 2009

Night spirit

Got this quiz result from a facebook quiz, and for once, I think it's absolutely perfect:

Irim took the quiz "What Kind of Spirit Are You?" and got the result ► Night Spirit

You are the elusive Night Spirit. Your season is Winter, when the stars are bright and frost crystallizes the fallen leaves. You are introspective, deep-thinking, and mysterious. Everyone is intrigued and a little intimidated by you because you have an aura of otherworldliness. You work in extremes, sometime happy, other times sad, but always creative and philosophical. You are more concerned with the unseen, mystical, and metaphysical than the real world. Night Spirits have a tendency to get lost in themselves and must be careful not to forget reality, but their imagination is limitless.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are more concerned with the unseen...than the real world. Point taken. But I think this part of the description of what you resemble is misleading. It obscures (possibly) the fact that your grasp of the real world is comprehensive and well applied. So it may be formed as a result of introspection and intuition, but (as far as you are concerned) would appear to ignore the fact that your grasp of the real world is remarkably astute. The mere act of reading many more of your entries on this blog would confirm that fact/supposition.