Thursday, 30 July 2009

"They are very small ducks"

I know, I know, I need to get round to writing some proper entries.

Meanwhile, love this, of which THIS is the BEST example. I was laughing so hard I needed supplemental oxygen afterwards.

Alongside the 'no pets', Mr Thorne's 'seven-legged spider' puts him in the premier league of 'crazy like a fox' emailers.

Fucking brilliant. Now I just need to get him to email the Vatican...


Hazel said...

Completely deranged :-)

BTW - I have set up my RSS feed from your blog now so that it feeds into my LiveJournal friends page (otherwise I tend to miss things) - is that OK? Your blog's public so I figured it probably was, but if you'd rather i didn't, just say and I'll take it out again and just leave it in my Google Reader...


Irim said...

That's brilliant - I'm deeply honoured! How are you? xx