Saturday, 6 January 2007

Male logic

I know, I's my week for conversations ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious - and the two aren't mutually exclusive.

I got a unique insight into the male mind (eat your heart out, John Gray and Deborah Tannen) when my friend SL regaled us with a classic story about her brother
. Years ago, when he was 20, he was dating a 15 year old. As law-abiding citizens, they were waiting for her 16th birthday before going all the way. As the time approached, the girlfriend got nervous and approached SL with her concerns about the upcoming event. She said, "We're both really nervous..."

SL, puzzled because she knew her brother wasn't inexperienced in that area, said, "Nervous?"

Brother's girlfriend: "Yes, since we're both virgins."

SL nearly sprayed her drink across her dad's restaurant. She grabbed her brother, who was working that night, and said, "J. Kitchen. NOW."

J: Wot?
SL: You told her you were a VIRGIN?
J: Well, ya, it's technically, innit?
SL: Ok, tell me how it's 'technically' when you've slept with several other girls.
J: Well, they was all slags, wasn't they? So, technically.

When it comes to male rationalisation, I no longer see through a glass darkly...


Anonymous said...

I just snorted my coke and pastry...

Anonymous said...

And what did that make him? The male version of a slag? A slagger, I suppose...