Sunday, 29 April 2012

Demon dream

As I've often said in this blog, I'm a prolific, vivid dreamer.  I dream in colour; I can often remember 3 dreams a night; I often wake up unsure of what is real.

I took him into myself But even with those parameters, last night's dream was a doozy, bringing a whole new definition to 'real'. 

It was a dark and stormy night in the dream, as it was here last night. I was in my room - same dimensions, but completely uncluttered with my bed facing the other way. No curtains, the window was much bigger, and instead of looking out onto a development,it looked out onto a city street. 

I was half-awake from a nightmare, when the Nightmare Nemesis comes in - HUGE yellow eyes, humanoid, reptile skin. We started struggling. But instead of pushing him away so I could run or try to destroy him, I pulled him to me, with the intention of drawing him into me, much as Ged does with the shadow at the end of the Wizard of Earthsea.

The sense of groundedness and sudden rush of power was intense,  and I sensed a second gremlin was out front, so I ran down the steps, onto the pavement in the rain  - and I also caught and integrated him. Knowing there were more out there, I yelled at the night, 'Come here! BRING IT ON!' But there was silence, and I woke.

It took several minutes to realise that I was actually back in my own room and fully awake - recently I've had what I call 'Russian doll' dreams, or a dream within a dream, and I've thought I'm fully back when I'm not. 

But this one really felt like I'd dropped into a parallel universe overnight, it was that real - and something HAS shifted. I'm not sure what and how much yet, or how it will manifest, but it feels profound.

Bring it on. 

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