Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lucifer - an epiphany

I'm currently watching 'Catholics', and the kids at the Catholic school have just had a lesson on Satan. The priest just asked them for another name for the Devil. 'Lucifer' was the answer he was looking for.

'Lucifer, light bearer,' he said when he got the answer.

I've heard it a million times before, but suddenly, it was like getting hit by a lorry.

I know the usual understanding is that the name is from his days as an angel living in God's glory. But the moment I heard the priest say that, something fell into place for me.

When Satan tempts us, when he stands in our way, when he taunts us, pushes us to the edge of what we can bear - does all those things attributed to him... he not being a light bearer? Is he not shining a light in those darkest places, on those darkest impulses, forcing us to face what we try to hide from?

Is he not our ally, rather than our adversary?

Is he not still God's Lucifer?

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