Friday, 15 July 2011

High mass...

…Irim-style. The celebrant, deacon and subdeacon watch, bemused, as the altar servers fight over who gets to play with the thurible - which is the baby rattle you can just see between pig and gorilla. The tissues are supposed to be birettas; they're all I had to work with. And ja, the one in PVC is me as MC.

The wolf would totally have been the deacon if he hadn’t been in the room that was in use for the full 3 hours…the leaning forward and watchful look would have been truer to life.

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Anonymous said...

You are putting wicked temptation in my way...the thought of having you as MC (complete with that delightful dress sense etc etc) is overwhelmingly appealing... least if I yield to this temptation (Irim as MC and liturgical vestment adviser etc) I will be enjoying myself so much when I get thrown out of the church that I won't mind at all. Ever.