Thursday, 29 July 2010

New beginnings

...and it's about time.

I'm sure my (few) readers sensed the energy ebbing from this blog as much as I did. Part of it was that I was writing a lot of facebook notes that then got copied here, so there was never any fresh, creative energy at the blog, because nothing started here.

But most of it was that I was - and am - going through some big changes. I love writing; it's my catharsis - but I haven't been in an emotional space to really write for a very long time.

It was once pointed out to me that after being through a dark night of the soul, one has to recommit oneself to one's life: not just carry on with it, but renew one's vows with life and the world above passionately and deeply. Sometimes it takes longer than we think; often, each time we go to the underworld, the pull gets stronger and recommitting becomes harder.

Always, we are profoundly changed.

This has been a long, intense trip down under for me, beginning almost a year ago - and I'm a nighttime/underworld girl by nature. Resurfacing, recommitting, deciding to be here with my whole heart and soul, when there was a huge part of me that just wanted a 'do over' (I believe in reincarnation) took a very, very long time.

But here I am - and instead of leaving the twilight behind, ever yearning for it, I bring it with me. Hence the title (thanks to Elaine) from Yeats.

And so, I write again. I thought about a new blog, but the Jungian in me wouldn't let me create that false division: even though I feel light years away from the person who started this blog, I am still she - MORE she, not less. Older, deeper, more authentic. To distance myself from her would have been wrong - for without her, I wouldn't be here now.

Same blog, but a new design and a title that is truly me. I can see Jung nodding his approval - not, of course, that I need it ;-).

And so, my friends, here we go: after life, death, then life again. It will ever be so.

Join me, if you will, as I cast off on this new voyage - but bear in mind that it will not be certain, tame or safe, for, like George Eliot:

I would not creep along the coast, but steer out in mid-sea by guidance of the stars.

Oh - and I have no idea where I'm going.

Still interested?

Then grab your sextant, a bottle of wine and...all aboard!


The world is my cloister said...

Excellent first post Irim! I am looking forward to your new journey through this post. Be brave and bold for that is the best attitude for every adventurer! Most of all be deeply happy!

Love E

Giselle said...

I can't read a sextant worth crap, so I'll just bring my GPS, K? But if you bring one, I promise I'll try to learn.

Ariel said...

I think it's beautifully appropriate that your first post-makeover post is about journeys when your new background has a cartographic theme.



Playful Grace said...

((HUGS)) Count me in. Looking forward to hearing of your journey, luv!

Irim said...

Cloister: Thank you! And thank you for the title! May you and everyone who reads this be deeply joyful, now and always!

Giselle: Get you and your GPS on board, hon! Oh, and don't forget the wine. :D

Ari: Ditto you. And you know, I think subliminally, I was thinking 'circumnavigation' or something. YES, it DOES work. Thank you.


Irim said...

Grace - hang on tight, babes! xx

Anonymous said...

You being tame? Heaven forbid!