Monday, 14 December 2009

A Catholic male on female beauty

I got involved in a discussion with the friend of a friend on said friend's plank, oops, I mean wall.

He sent me a message about something I had written, admired my profile pic and asked if it were my tattoo. When I responded I chose it b/c I'm not photogenic and no one should have to suffer a picture of me, he responded:

Thought that would make you laugh! But as for photogenic, that is in the eye of the beholder. I would have turned down Miss World for my wife, and true feminine beauty comes from within, whilst the physique or face may not be classically beautifull the whole face can light up when someone smiles, or they may have such wonderful colourful eyes, or even on older faces the lines set into the face or the silver hair can be elegant or have a warmth. God made us in his image and everyone is beautiful to him.

After having spent far too much time in circles that view women as 3rd class citizens - having to fight to prove myself as good as any man; suffering perpetual mockery; having to deal with men who struggle with my not being 'safe' (married or asexual) - this was balm to the weary soul.

And he's a heterosexual Catholic male. Who likes women. Genuinely likes us. I could weep. His wife is a lucky woman.

Where's the 'Permission to clone humans' bill? I'm ringing my MP to vote 'aye'.

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Anonymous said...

Who gets to decide which humans are cloned? Could be interesting, so long as we do not suddenly get a glut of alpha males. Will you start a list of who should get cloned on your blog? I'm sure there are readers who would cheerfully add to this...

...and please do not forget that there is a class of male who always views you as safe insofar as your circle of acquaintances includes gay men...not that that is much consolation for you, even though you mean a lot to them...