Saturday, 27 October 2007

Basmati rice scandal

Tilda has done it - betrayed the South Asian matriarchs.

Basmati in a microwave.

My mother would die. Her mother would kill.

Soaking the rice; cutting the onions; measuring out the water; getting the golden crunchy bottom - every single step was part of a ritual, passed on from mother to daughter.

To end in the MICROWAVE? Never.

"Sanjay is my only son - handsome, loving. Now, of course, he's brought shame on the family."

"What happened?"

"He cooks his basmati rice in the microwave. 48 hours I was in labour with him - for this? TWO MINUTES IN A MICROWAVE? Can a microwave replace a mother?"

Every South Asian mother would rise up against this sacrilege.

As do I. Mine takes at least 11.


Anonymous said...

But Geeta, how could you even refer to this sacrilege???

Anonymous said...

I had to watch this sacrilegious clip again, Geeta. I had to be reminded of those who feel betrayed and the pain they feel...My brother will not even use a microwave...but then his Basmati rice is more like English rice. The shame of it...