Monday, 23 April 2007


I have finally arrived! My post on limbo has needled a traditional Catholic blogger named "Simon Peter" so much, he has linked to it and commented on it from where I cross-posted it on "Emerging Women", and others have joined in, calling it nonsense. Bloody brilliant. One of the regular readers on "Emerging Women" linked to an earlier post and was absolutely lovely about it...but somehow, I didn't feel like I'd arrived until I'd been properly slagged off.

And bless him, he spells phonetically..."Wimmin", indeed. Wonder if he attends the Oratory here. I'd love to shake his hand and thank him. On second thought, probably a London Oratory type.


*Does funky chicken dance and kisses own hand in self-congratulation*

Happy Monday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I left the following comment on Simon-Peter's blog; I figured I should post it here as well, since there's a reasonable likelihood he'll get rid of it once he sees it.


A certain Catholic friend of mine observed that you share a first name with your eminent founder Simon Peter - as she put it, 'the coward who ran when the going got tough. On this rock, you will build your church, eh? Build it on limestone and you can't complain about it dissolving when it rains.'

So many of you can't bear to be questioned, can you? You want to stay safe and cozy in the little edifices you've build yourself.

Why are you so terrified? Questioning can be painful, true; it forces you to confront things you'd rather not look at too closely. Yet in the end, asking difficult questions enables you to grow.

I have been there; I know. For years I was terrified to ask myself questions because I suspected where the answers would lead me. In the end, I was right: asking myself difficult questions made me realise that in fact I didn't believe, and in the end I left the Church because of it.

I must say, though, people like you helped make the decision easier.

A Jewess


Thank you for being the sort of person who forces others to ask questions, not to hide from them.


Jacquetta said...

Hello. I just found all these posts (haven't visited for a while) and I must say in your defence:
1) At least you actually had an articulate, constructed argument.
2) Their theology bit shaky...

Jacquetta said...

And he breached copyright by taking your entire article and not attributing it.

Yup. Really Christian of him. He's a shining example for the faith.

Irim said...

Ari & Jacquetta,

A - Thank you so much for that. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier NOT to ask the questions and just let it go.

J - Welcome back, chuck - it's good to see you here again. And thank *you* so much for your support on this one; the reassurance about the argument being well-constructed was definitely needed! Though I'm less sure if I should thank you for my latest addiction - Terragen. But I was warned...


Anonymous said...


It would be much easier to not ask the questions and let it go. One of the things about you that I most appreciate is that you never seem to let that stop you when the right questions need to be asked.


Anonymous said...

I cannot really say anything of relevance as Ari and Jacquetta have said it already and most clearly too...

But I do agree that SP needs a few good lessons in how to write and communicate with greater clarity and logic.

And PLEASE do continue with the questions to whoever and whenever and wherever...

one who has benefitted from your questions!

Anonymous said...

I rather suspect that were the triddies to get to know me, they would absolutely hate me too...