Friday, 16 March 2007

Nobody expects...

...the Spanish Inquisition or what Dominicans get up to once the laity have left. Grand Inquisitors they may be, but they need just that little bit more rhythm.

Yes, working in a priory really is like this.

And I can't help but think that since St Dominic was Spanish, they might have moved more smoothly to Ricky Martin's "Living la vida loca".


Anonymous said...

I think my sides are splitting. Thanks, she'enedra!

The subject matter is hilarious enough, but the fact that some of them can't figure out the choreography takes it to a completely new level.


Anonymous said...

If it really is a video of Dominicans dancing, the fact that some of them are not getting it quite right should come as no surprise... most Dominicans are reasonably competent liturgically, but there are always notable exceptions if you watch carefully...

Irim said...

Well, they're really a folk dance group associated with Polish Dominicans.

Easy on the Dominicans (though I suspect you might be one of my inquisitorial friends) - they are thoughtful, intelligent, they listen to you and boy, can they preach. That's worth a million liturgically competent priests.

I love my liturgy properly done, trust me - but after years at a liturgically fussy (rather than just good) church - I can promise you that liturgical and dance competence are not directly proportional. You need sheer joy in life to be a good dancer, and no liturgically obsessed person has that - they're too focused on form rather than essence and meaning.

Why? Because they're afraid that if they really go into the essence and meaning of their faith, Christ might actually transform them. Better to stick with what makes you *look* Catholic rather than what actually *makes* you Catholic.

And you need to be focused on *essence* to really dance - and let yourself be transformed.